HugPuddle's mission is to create, implement & protect sustainable archiving methods.

HugPuddle uses blockchain technology and traditional methods to protect the historical integrity of archives. HugPuddle was created to find methods and materials to archive information that will stand the test of time. HugPuddle firstly believes in traditional methods of books, low-acid paper, microfiche/microfilm, and existing library techniques. However, HugPuddle is also actively seeking out new methods to archive - this led us to blockchain technology. Apertus Disk Drive is a stand alone client developed to integrate usable data onto cryptocoin blockchains for archiving & retrieval purposes. BitFossil is an online service that indexes said data. We will soon be actively archiving on our own, but we are currently working on creating the necessary supports for blockchain viability. We are here to help humanity store information for present and future generations, but we are in Beta, in many ways.

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